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If your goal is: LEAD GENERATION / SALES

PPC (Pay per click) - What keywords are you advertising for? Do you have a strong call to action? Is your landing page effective and optimized for conversions?

Email Marketing - Do you have a reliable list of past/current customers? How often are you contacting them? Are you sending newsletters or promotional info? Are they tailored to personal interests?

If your goal is: BRANDING / AWARENESS

Social Media- Which networks do you have a presence on? Which should you be on? Are you posting too often or not enough? How do you increase followers/likes/shares?

PR - What distribution service are you using? Are your stories relevant and interesting? Are you regularly blogging?

If your goal is WEBSITE TRAFFIC

Display Ads - Is your creative compelling? Does it match your site's look/feel? Is the offer enticing enough to warrant a click? What are you tracking?

Affiliate/ Partner Marketing - Are there related sites you can cross-promote on?

SEO - Are you getting found by Google? What search terms are bringing people to your site and does that match what you provide?

Content Strategy- Is your editorial calendar focused to your audience? Are you writing new articles often? Are they authoritative / an industry expert?

These are just a few of the questions to determine which services are best for your needs. Let us come up with the winning combo to get your message heard. Loud & clear. Ready to get started?