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The Essentials:

Digital Marketing on Demand (DMOD) is the consulting company of Lauren Monitz, an industry vet with 6+ years of experience, an MS in E-business, a BS in Advertising and a minor in Technology, Arts and Media. With a desire to make the web a prettier and more functional place, we view online marketing as the most practical application of psychology and everything from the color to layout and design effects coversions. Our goal is to get in the head of your consumers to maximize your profitability.

We have achieved a 300% increase in leads, over a 1700% ROI and tripled social media engagement across a number of industries and verticals. Want to be put on the map? Be our next statistic.


"When I was designing and implementing a website for a family owned business, Lauren gave me solid advice on the scope which I needed to work within to achieve our objective without offering more than we could reasonably manage. A few years later, she offered advice on creative marketing methods and tools which proved effective despite a tough economy. Lauren is a networker extraordinaire and my go-to person when I need marketing solutions."

"Lauren is able to manage a number of projects simultaneously, under enormous pressure and yet is able to meet deadlines and make things happen. She is creative and is talented, with a goal to succeed in all she does."

"I'll admit that you surprised me in quality and thoroughness. I've met with a lot of 'marketers' and while they all talked a big game, none of them actually had an eye for anything practical. They certainly never followed up, let alone in the detail you have."

Sample of Past/Current Clients: