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Lauren Beth Monitz

I am currently the Director of Content and UX at iExplore and Travel Mindset, two crazy awesome luxury, adventure travel websites. Prior to that, I was Content Marketing and Social Media Manager for another ecommerce company after getting my master’s in E-business from Depaul. I also do freelance food writing for Westword (check out my weekly brunch column!), Eater Denver and was the Chicago City Guide editor for Haute Living magazine, covering all the fabulosity in the Windy City. Throw digital consulting consulting into the mix, and running my own travel blog, and I'm a busy girl, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I finished my undergrad in advertising from the University of Colorado, I started out in a job with four titles (Marketing Communications Coordinator- PR, Branding and Web, it didn't even fit on my card) partially because I'm crazy, definately because I'm an overachiever and intrinsically because I had no idea what area of media/advertising/marketing I wanted to specialize in for fear of limiting myself. I was infatuated with everything about the industry; that anything could inspire creativity, transpire art, spread a new idea or shape pop culture.

The value I add is strategic design. I am both right and left brained and can connect and apply out of the box creativity to business solutions. I have taught myself everything I know from observing others and proactively seeking more education in SEM, SEO and PPC which is important since social media and new technologies are changing each and every day. I am resourceful in that if I don’t know something, I go out and find it. I am a chameleon and love what I do because there’s the continual challenge to improve- you can always get higher conversions and greater results.

I am very passionate about everything I get involved with and am currently President of the CU Young Alums which has thousands upon thousands of members in Denver metro area ( former Co-Chair of the Chicago Chapter- Go Buffs!) and the PAC-12 board. I also served as the VP of PR/eMarketing for the Depaul MBA Association and was a PR and Web Volunteer for the Keep on Keeping on Foundation. Aside from that, I love exploring Denver's nightlife, restaurants and culture, while rooting for the Bears, Broncos, Sox and Hawks. And YES, I do like Jay Cutler, don't hold it against me.

My life is also a series of hillarious randomness. Published author of an Amazon Best Seller for charity. Certified viking from Iceland. Played polo, the second most dangerous sport, in Barbados. Boxing? Of course. Organized date auctions? Check. Hobnobbed with d-list reality stars. Obvi. Trust me, I keep it interesting.


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